EMC Testing Electromagnetic Compatibility Book

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EMC testing can be difficult – our EMC Type Approval Guidebook will help you.


Our EMC Testing Guidebook gives you clear advice on a wide range of type approval tests needed for most products and approvals, including :

  • ESD electrostatic discharge tests including air and contact methods
  • Radiated, RF and electromagnetic field immunity tests
  • Electrical fast transients and burst immunity tests
  • Surge immunity tests
  • Conducted disturbances induced by RF fields
  • Voltage dips, interruptions and variations
  • Ripple on dc power ports

You’ll also learn how to read through the standards, write test procedures and assemble your successful compliance folder. Written by qualified engineers and based on 15+ years of experience. The advice and experience in this guidebook is a must have for anyone working through EMC testing and type approval. What to see what it looks like? Take a sneak peak.


Don’t gamble with your EMC testing. It can be expensive and damage your product. Do it properly the first time, get the best EMC guidebook available.


Better results, less time, no stress.