EMC Testing and Type Approval Guidebook

The EMC Testing Guidebook is available now to help you work through EMC testing.


You don’t need to be an expert to get your product successfully through testing, but you do need to know some fundamentals about EMC testing. Our EMC Testing Guidebook has been written to give you the basics without swapping you with the complexity. Our goal is to help you get your product successfully through the process of compliance testing!

Proven EMC Testing Process

Our EMC Testing Guidebook  gives you clear advice on the EMC test process required for most products. We set out a standard test model, walk you through each step, and show you how to adapt it to your products requirements. The standard model consists of a six (6) step process :

  1. Write Test Specifications
  2. Writing Test Procedures
  3. Performing Pre-testing
  4. Performing Type Approval Testing
  5. Writing the Test Report
  6. Assembling a Compliance Folder

All Typical EMC Tests

Importantly we also give you an introduction to the most typical EMC tests. This allows you to properly estimate the costs and schedule of EMC testing and to construct test harneses and jigs. We cover the EMC tests you are most likely to encounter, including :

  • Visual inspection and performance tests
  • ESD electrostatic discharge tests including air and contact methods
  • Radiated, RF and electromagnetic field immunity tests
  • Electrical fast transients and burst immunity tests
  • Surge immunity tests
  • Conducted disturbances induced by RF fields
  • Voltage dips, interruptions and variations
  • Ripple on dc power ports

Excerpts from EMC Testing Guidebook

We have provided these excerpts from the EMC Testing Guidebook to give you an appreciation for the quality of the content and to highlight that the book is aimed at helping you successfully complete the testing process. We leave EMC theory to the specialists and help you get the job done as quickly as possible.

EMC Testing - Electrostatic Discharge Test

Electrostatic Discharge Test

EMC Testing - RF Susceptibility Test

RF Susceptibility Test

EMC Testing - Conducted Immunity Test

Conducted Immunity Test


The EMC Testing Guidebook has been written by qualified and experienced engineers with the specific aim of giving you “just enough” information. Your job is to get your product complying with the EMC test standards. Our job is to give you the knowledge to get it done.


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