Are you designing or testing a product for compliance against EMC, Vibration and Shock, Climatic or Ingress Protection? Our series of Type Approval Guidebooks have been written to make your job easier by explaining the process in clear and simple language.


Most books make the type approval process too complicated. They dive into the technical details of electromagnetic waves and resonant vibrations. As a designer engineer or project manager you don’t need to be burdened with these details. Your job is to concentrate on product development and ensure that the type approval process runs smoothly.


We understand that you only want to learn “just enough” about EMC, shock and vibration, climatic testing and ingress protection to get the job done. You can leave the nitty gritty details to the specialists who will perform the tests.


We have produced a series of Type Approval Guidebooks with this approach in mind. Our books give you with the knowledge you need to take your product successfully through the type approval process.



EMC testing

You’ll get radiated and conducted, emissions and immunity, fast transients, surges other EMC tests.

Vibration testing

We explain random functional vibration, simulated long-life vibration, shock and bump tests.

Climatic testing

Hot and cold, functional and storage. You’ll learn about all of these.

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Ingress protection

You’ll get info on watertightness and dust protection.[/one_fourth_last]

Clear advice

You’ll get clear advice.

Pass on the first go

You’ll be prepared to pass your tests straight away.

Save time and keep costs down

Save time, save money.

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Instant download!

Don’t wait. Buy it now, get it emailed to you instantly.[/one_fourth_last]


Latest News

17 May 15 – We are currently working on two new books in the Type Approval Made Easy series. The Climatic Type Approval Guidebook will focus on thermal type testing, such as cold storage tests, dry and cold functional tests and damp heat cyclical tests. The Ingress Protection Type Approval Guidebook will explain ingress protection tests including the IP Code system, water and dust proofing, and protection from accidental contact. Both are expected to be available in the next few months. You are able to register your interest now and you will be notified when they are released.

5 May 14 – The Climatic Type Approval Guidebook is now available. Providing information climatic and thermal type testing, such as cold storage tests, cold functional tests, dry heat tests and damp heat cyclical tests. We are confident our Climatic Type Approval Guidebook will help you test your product in its target temperature and humidity environment.

7 Nov 13 – Special thanks to all of our clients who participated in our recent customer satisfaction review. We achieved over 93% response rate, which is a fantastic contribution. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

10 Jan 13 – Vibration Type Approval Guidebook has been released  today. We’re excited by the number of people our EMC Type Approval Guidebook has helped and we’re looking forward to continuing the process with our new shock and vibration guidebook!

23 Mar 12 – The Type Approval Made Easy website is officially launched today. Thank you to those who provided feedback during the beta phase. If you are designing or testing a product for compliance against the EMC standards and are unsure where to start then our EMC Type Approval Guidebook is available now!